Open-Q™ HDK Battery



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This single-cell Lithium-Ion battery is compatible with the Open-Q™ 835 HDK and Open-Q™ 660 HDK and can be purchased as an optional accessory. The HDK kits have a battery holder and mating connector on the bottom of the carrier board but do not include the battery by default.

Nominal V = 3.85v
Capacity = 3100mAh

Purchasing batteries on the same order as development kits:
The number of batteries must not exceed the number of development kits in each order. (e.g. an order of 15 development kits would allow for a maximum of 15 batteries to be purchased on the same order.)

Purchasing batteries separately from development kits:
Batteries ordered separately from development kits will be limited to 2 units per shipment. Orders exceeding 2 batteries will incur additional shipping costs. This does not apply when purchasing batteries at the same time as development kits.

Note about shipping: Separately shipped Lithium-Ion batteries must be shipped by ground and therefore will take longer than usual to arrive. If a battery is ordered with a development kit, it will be installed in the product before shipping and can therefore be shipped by air.