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Open-Q™ 605 SBC Development Kit

Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation


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Intrinsyc’s Open-Q™ 605 Single Board Computer is a small, production-ready, computing platform powered by Qualcomm’s® QCS605 system-on-chip, their first built specifically for IoT devices. The QCS605 supports advanced computing at the edge with Qualcomm’s integrated AI Engine, consisting of the powerful 8-core Kryo 300 CPU, Adreno 615 GPU, Hexagon 685 DSP, and Spectra 270 ISP. The AI Engine is supported by the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK, for advanced on-device AI, image processing, and machine learning. Built on 10nm LPP process technology, the QCS605 is engineered for exceptional power and thermal efficiency.

With its advanced wireless connectivity, integrated location capability, advanced battery management, and comprehensive I/O expansion, the Open-Q 605 SBC is ideal for a wide range of smart, embedded, vision applications requiring advanced, low-power on-device processing.

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Available in two versions:
• The Development Kit version includes the Open-Q™ 605 SBC with stand-offs, 2 - WiFi/BT antennas, 12V power supply, Quick Start Guide, access to full documentation, SW updates, and basic Dev Kit support.
• The Board Only version includes only the Open-Q™ 605 SBC, ready to integrate into your product.