Open-Q™ 13MP Camera

Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation


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Note: This new version of our 13MP camera uses the same IMX214 sensor and has the same features as the previous generation. Due to a different focus motor, however, it requires a new SW driver. Support for this new camera will be available in development kit BSP updates over the coming weeks, starting with the Open-Q™ 820 and Open-Q™ 820 uSOM development kits. Development kit customers registered on our support site will be notified when the BSP updates become available. For further information please contact sales

Compatible with our Open-Q 2100, 410, 626, 820, and 820 uSOM development kits.

NOTE: When used with the Open-Q 2100, camera resolution is limited to 8MP by the processor.

The camera features include: 

  • Based on 13MP Sony IMX214
  • Uses the Qualcomm ISP
  • Zero shutter lag
  • High frame rates
  • Snapshot while recording
  • Auto focus
  • HDR recording
  • 13MP full RAW snapshot support
  • Includes a 21cm JAE interface cable to connect directly our dev kits.